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UHT milk Full Cream 1 Litre & UHT milk Low Fat 1 Litre

Lemontree Dairy milk is suitable for both kids and adults. If you are watching your fat intake or following a heart-healthy diet, try our low fat milk variety which provides a lot of nutrients for very modest calories.

All of our products proudly carry the "Australian Made" logo. We are very proud to offer you a top quality product direct from our years of experience.

Trust us - We know what good quality milk is and how it should taste!!

UHT milk contains all the nutritional goodness that you would expect from fresh milk and contains no additives or preservatives. Like fresh milk, UHT milk provides essential nutrients including: calcium, protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and zinc.

The difference between UHT milk and fresh milk is the method of processing. UHT milk is heated to 140°C for a few seconds and then packaged aseptically. This enables it to be stored at room temperature (as long as it is unopened) for extended periods. Once opened, UHT milk must be refrigerated and used within seven days.

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